B-About Us

Crozet Running is owned and operated by John and Michelle Andersen who have lived in Crozet since 2003. The Andersens opened Crozet Running because they are passionate about helping people stay active and get back to fitness.

john-and-michelle-andersen-411x255“Like most runners, when we first started running we never considered our running form, training intensity, or foot strength. Ultimately this led to us getting injured multiple times which took our running away from us. When we learned about natural running form – i.e., running the way our bodies were designed to run – it changed everything. Our injuries vanished, running became easier and more enjoyable, and we became faster. Natural running has taken us from having knee pain after a one mile run to running ultramarathons without any pain. The running store experience needs to involve more than just footwear – running is about form, footwear, training intensity, and nutrition. We have deep knowledge and experience in these topics and are excited to share that with our customers.”

Come check out Crozet Running and see how you can improve your running or walking and live a better, healthier life!