img_4914Thoughts on running and “the balance” of real life.  Brought to you by Crozet Running co-owner John Andersen – father, husband, veterinarian, ultramarathon runner…  In addition to this blog, Dr. John writes two monthly columns in the Crozet Gazette

– “The Gazette Vet” and “Back to Fitness” – the latter about simplifying the message of staying active and fit.


Winter Safety on the Trails

Winter is a great time for running, and in particular trail running.  Getting out on the trails in the winter provides some great advantages for the trail runner – expansive views without foliage in the way, no bugs or snakes, overgrown vegetation along the... read more

2017 Hellgate Race Report

Hellgate 100k Getting in your car and leaving your house on the afternoon of Hellgate 100k, you are still in control.  Car loaded up, head filled with optimism, this is still a good decision.  As you head down the road, your training still matters, your experience... read more

Bull Run Run 50-Miler race report

I first ran the Bull Run Run 50 last year during my training cycle for my first 100-mile race attempt, Bighorn 100.  I really didn’t think I would like it because it was up in Northern Virginia and was “flat” vs. the mountain running I am accustomed... read more