Crozet Running shop will open in the lower level of Crozet Library, through the doors on Crozet Avenue, now that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has agreed to a lease worked out in August on the first floor’s larger, 1,700-square-foot space. County officials have suggested that the other vacant space, about 1,000 square feet, could become a location for a tourism bureau.

The store will be operated by John and Michelle Andersen, inveterate distance runners themselves, and offer both running shoes and street shoes, as well as apparel, gear and accessories for runners.

The store is expected to open in late October, said John Andersen, a veterinarian (and columnist for the Gazette). Michelle will handle its day-to-day operation.



“Crozet Running will be a community running store, a gathering place,” said John. “We will be unique, however, in that we will be heavily focused on educating people about natural running form and encouraging trail running. ‘Natural running’ is not a specific technique or a ‘brand’ of running. It is simply running the way our bodies were designed to move. Humans are by far the best distance runners on the planet. There’s a reason for that. Overly cushioned and supportive shoes, along with our 21st century lifestyles, have interfered with our body’s natural ability to run efficiently and injury-free. A good example of natural running form is to look at elementary kids running around at play. Their legs are like springs as they land on their forefoot with a fast and light cadence. Most importantly, they are smiling, because running should be fun!

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