Ran my first Terrapin Mtn 50k today. Was given bib 18, didn’t feel worthy, made me unneccessarily nervous all dang week, worse after not sleeping at all last Sat during the TJ100k. Went out fast, decided I was “Going Big” per a Sophie Carpenter Speidel race report… Dan caught up at Camping Gap and we ran waaaay to fast down the mountain, but both decided to throw a little caution into the wind and go for it (joking hashtag talk all the way down..#goingoutwaytoofast, #imgonnablowup, #notagoodideatoruninfrontofguylove).



Soon we were running 10th and 11th just 12 miles into the race on the endless, literally 10 mile climb up to the White Oak Loop. Came back into Camping Gap still 10/12ish, David Horton starting following us on his bike (#Hortonsfollowingus) which was much needed pep. I started getting hot, fell in with Chris Reed (great guy! Won Hellgate 3 years ago #shouldntrunwithhellgatewinners). Dan Spearin got a twinkle in his eye and was off. I kept as strong as possible, climbing Terrapin was really tough, legs were pissed!!! Next 5 miles was miserable, so steep, baby skulls, tripped but did awesome Ninja roll, #mygugotdirty – spit out gross gu/dirt mixture. Thanks Annie Plummer Stanley for warning me about the last 4-5 miles, was all uphill and hot to me, could not have sped up anymore, was feeling sorry for myself but determined to finish strong. I was totally #sufferingbetter . At last, the yellow arch! Had to make sure my body didn’t pass out before reaching it. Michelle was there to meet me near the finish, I went in for the romantic kiss, and what I got was publicly chided for stopping before the finish line! Finished 15th, left it all out there. Now gotta do it all over again in 5 weeks!!

Awesome day, ridiculously tough course, great event Clark Zealand and all the awesome volunteers! Team Crozet Running did great! #andersenout