Run Better

At Crozet Running, our goal is simply to help you run better.  For some, this is running without pain or injury.  For others, its running faster.  Or farther.  Or with more enjoyment.  We think running better is all of these things and the discussion needs to go far beyond just footwear.

Have you ever been labeled a “pronator”, “supinator”, or “neutral”?  Ever had running shoes recommended to you based on how you look when you walk and run for a mere 15 feet inside a store?  Surprisingly to some, there is actually no evidence to support this method, yet it has traditionally been the gold-standard for recommending running shoes across the nation.  In fact, there is a lot of evidence to show that choosing running shoes based on the degree of your ankle pronation has zero benefit in reducing injury or increasing performance!

At Crozet Running, we are focused on discussing the things that actually matter in helping you improve performance and reduce injury rates.  Yes, footwear is important, but just as important is your running form, your training intensity, your recovery and at-home physical therapy, and your nutrition.  When you come into our store, we will address all these factors as well as your running goals to help you get on the road injury free and with more ease and efficiency.