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 thank you for the years of support and friendship!

 Inquiries about purchasing remaining inventory, fixtures, or furnishings may be directed to Michelle via email (, phone (434-205-4452), or direct message on our facebook page.

We Were Made To Run

Our Story

Crozet Running is owned and operated by John and Michelle Andersen who have lived in Crozet since 2003.  The Andersens opened Crozet Running because they are passionate about helping people stay active and get back to fitness.

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Run Better.

At Crozet Running, our goal is simply to help you run better.  For some, this is running without pain or injury.  For others, its running faster.  Or farther.  Or with more enjoyment.  We think running better is all of these things and the discussion needs to go far beyond just footwear.

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Run Crozet

Crozet, Virginia is home to some of the best trail running in Virginia and has become a destination running location in the commonwealth.

Ultra Team

To inspire everyday runners and non-runners that you can accomplish amazing things, even while balancing work, parenting, and the many challenges of daily life, as long as you put your mind to it.

Our Staff

At Crozet Running, we are focused on discussing the things that actually matter in helping you improve performance and reduce injury rates.

Hellgate 2020 – What are you going to do with this opportunity?

Hellgate.  The race that never starts.  Where the leaves run deep.  Where you may never have this opportunity again. I can always find something to write about David Horton’s Hellgate 100k because it contains many of the recipes for a good story – hardship,...

Barkley Fall Classic 2020 Race Report

A year ago, at the Barkley Fall Classic 2019, I found myself laying on the ground in a tunnel underneath the six-foot briars on Rat Jaw, cramping and telling Frank Gonzalez to crawl over me if he wanted to get by.  I wasn’t the only one sitting or lying on the...

Hellgate 100k 2019. Can I really put myself through this again?

 I meant to write up a race report for this year’s Hellgate.  Like every year, I was having deep emotions and introspection in the race as well as in the minutes and days post-race.  But life and sleep got in the way, and now, a few weeks...

This is 56 – Paying Attention

Looking Glass 50-Miler Race Report, by Sophie Speidel When I turned 55 in late 2017, I celebrated with a year of doing “hard and scary” things, including running my fifth 100-miler, which I documented in a series of essays on the Trail Sisters  platform. Among...

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